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Much dearest yesteryear conspiracy theorists because it provides documented testify to back upwards claims that the U.S. authorities is involved inward clandestine in addition to hostile operations against its ain citizens, MK-ULTRA was a covert CIA mind-control query projection that lasted from 1953 to 1963.

The computer programme developed out of unopen to other CIA project, Bluebird (begun inward 1950 in addition to renamed Artichoke inward 1951), which was principally concerned with psychological manipulation in addition to had concerns like to the navy’s Project Chatter, which was begun inward 1947 (lasting until 1953) in addition to which dealt with the regain in addition to application of truth drugs like to those that the Soviet Union was alleged to receive got developed. Both MK-ULTRA in addition to Chatter expanded substantially during the Korean War because of the belief that Soviet forces had successfully used truth drugs in addition to brainwashing techniques on prisoners of war.

MK-ULTRA was authorized yesteryear CIA Director Allen Dulles inward 1953 in addition to was position into outcome yesteryear the manager of operations, Richard Helms, equally an “umbrella project” that combined the interests of Bluebird, Artichoke, in addition to Chatter. Under the command of Dr. Sidney Gottlieb the computer programme engaged inward query on a gain of projects relating to drugs, toxins, hypnotism, in addition to other forms of behavioral modification.

This full general focus on the transformation in addition to command of personality has led to a widespread belief alongside conspiracy theorists that its armed forces applications were genuinely a embrace for attempts to pacify in addition to command civilian populations, most notably the citizens of the United States.

 Much dearest yesteryear conspiracy theorists because it provides documented testify to back upwards c MK-ULTRA Much dearest yesteryear conspiracy theorists because it provides documented testify to back upwards c MK-ULTRA

Under Gottlieb, MK-ULTRA combined the psychological concerns of Bluebird/Artichoke with the involvement inward drugs works life inward the navy’s Project Chatter. The full general aim of the projection was to honor ways of conditioning personnel to resist interrogation yesteryear hostile powers or to accomplish the reverse through the evolution of command of individuals through interrogation, hypnosis, sensory deprivation, in addition to utilisation of drugs.

There were many non-drug-related programs inward the 149 subprojects that came inside MK-ULTRA’s portfolio, unopen to of which involved hypnosis, investigations of magic, studies of slumber patterns, query on encephalon concussion, query into stimulus in addition to reply inward biological systems, radiation, ESP, electroshock therapy, in addition to projects that precisely involved funding actual operations or their extension abroad nether the MK-NAOMI designation, for event those taking house at the Allan Memorial Institute inward Montreal.

The drug programs receive got gained the most attention, however, inward utilisation because these were a evolution of overseas experiments that had already taken house regarding the utilisation of sodium pentothal, but also because MK-ULTRA expanded the utilisation of narcotic agents over the class of the computer programme in addition to then that the CIA’s experimentation with drugs, inward detail LSD, has travel the bestknown expanse of the projection inward pop consciousness.

The evolution of LSD in addition to its experimentation on members of the CIA, armed forces personnel, in addition to mental patients formed the early on stage of MK-ULTRA’s investigation of drugs inward the 1950s. Many of those involved inward investigating its effects, such equally Gottlieb himself, were habitual users of the drug, in addition to stories of LSD-spiked drinks at parties shape unopen to of the most sensational aspects of this opening phase.

The master copy torso of research, however, was performed on volunteer subjects who were tested inward sensory deprivation chambers, nether hypnosis, or who had aural stimuli played to them patch dosed with LSD or other drugs such equally mescaline. Some of the subjects, however, were tested without their consent, such equally Frank Olsen, whose suicide equally a outcome of a psychotic episode has been attributed to the fact that he was given LSD without his knowledge.

Another major utilisation of the early on stage was the testing of narcotics inward government, medical, in addition to educational institutions, with 1 of the outset studies taking house at the National Institute of Mental Health’s Addiction Research Center inward Lexington, where prison theater inmates serving sentences for drug violations were dosed with LSD inward telephone substitution for heroin.

The most notorious characteristic of MK-ULTRA, in addition to the characteristic that is most commonly associated with it, is the testing of LSD inward CIA-rented apartments inward New York in addition to San Francisco equally utilisation of Operation Midnight Climax, which formed the in conclusion stage of the program.

During this stage LSD was tested on unwitting subjects inward everyday lodge yesteryear undercover agents (with the assent of the Federal Bureau of Narcotics) who used prostitutes to convey men dorsum to apartments with two-way mirrors where they were given LSD in addition to their reactions were recorded.

This led to farther tests in addition to a to a greater extent than full general distribution of LSD that has led to the full general perception, equally Lee in addition to Shlain argue, that the CIA helped to exercise the 1960s counterculture or, alternatively, equally Jim Keith asserts, that the counterculture was utilisation of a CIA plot to channel youthful dissent into passive in addition to nonviolent areas, with unopen to of its primal figures, such equally Jerry Garcia in addition to Timothy Leary, acting equally CIA agents or stooges to accomplish this plan.

The MK-ULTRA computer programme was brought to an destination inward 1963 in addition to most of the papers relating to it were destroyed inward 1973 on the orders of CIA manager Richard Helms. The computer programme was dependent champaign to several hearings inward the 1970s, when cognition of CIA involvement inward postulate heed command in addition to inward the evolution in addition to distribution of LSD entered the world domain. The computer programme was the dependent champaign of investigations yesteryear the Rockefeller Commission inward 1975, the Church Committee inward 1976, in addition to hearings yesteryear Senator Edward Kennedy inward 1975 in addition to 1977.

The papers in addition to reports from these investigations shape the mass of the cloth used yesteryear conspiracy theorists, although they unremarkably quote from Marks’s The Search for the Manchurian Candidate or Bowart’s Operation Mind Control, rather than straight from their original source.

The revelations nearly MK-ULTRA receive got led to a gain of conspiracy theories, mainly involving the attempts yesteryear diverse agencies or conspiracy groups to pacify in addition to command the population of the U.S. of America through postulate heed command in addition to the loose of drugs into the environment. Keith, for example, claims that MK-ULTRA is utilisation of a larger New World Order plot in addition to that at that spot receive got already been attempts to utilisation LSD to pacify large numbers of people inward the New York subway system.

The factual footing of MK-ULTRA has been used to spin other elaborate plots, specially when inward conjunction with the mythical mind-control performance called “Project Monarch,” which, according to Ron Patton, is orchestrated yesteryear Nazis, occult groups, in addition to the Illuminati, all of whom travel inward the service of the Antichrist rather than for whatever mere earthly power.

Mind Control

Although paranoia has ordinarily been seen every bit the most of import aspect of conspiracy theory inwards damage of subjectivity as well as psychology, mind-control conspiracies contribute inwards important as well as complex ways to fears exactly about the command of the private at the hands of a hostile authorities or conspiracy group.

All conspiracy theories are based on a notion of hear command anyway, merely because they are based on a belief that a conspiracy is attempting to command people’s beliefs as well as actions. The term “sheeple,” used derogatorily past times conspiracy theorists to depict those who believe official authorities (dis)information, implies aspects of propaganda, brainwashing, as well as command of people’s thoughts.

Such a term is based on a binary opposition of “us” as well as “them” that dominates paranoid discourses of conspiracy where at that topographic point is, on the ane hand, an elite grouping that is on the within of mightiness as well as who have got truthful cognition of how reality functions while, on the other, at that topographic point is the “mass” who are on the exterior of mightiness as well as who only have got access to reality through the lies as well as disinformation disseminated past times the elite.

Mind command conspiracies have got this construction at their base, but problematize the notion of “inside” as well as “outside.” The paranoid private inwards conspiracy theory is relatively gratis from the command of the conspiracy (because she “recognizes” its existence as well as is hence able to detach him- or herself from it), creating an objective as well as meaningful individuality inwards opposition to the brainwashed “sheeple.”

 Although paranoia has ordinarily been seen every bit the most of import aspect of conspiracy theory Mind Control Although paranoia has ordinarily been seen every bit the most of import aspect of conspiracy theory Mind Control

Mind-control conspiracies have got a to a greater extent than complex set amongst regard to the notion of identity as well as the construction of the conspiracy that controls its victims, because the mind-control dependent area has an ambiguous status every bit to whether s/he is within or exterior the conspiracy.

On the ane hand, they are “inside” because they are doing the piece of job of the conspiracy grouping every bit a resultant of their conditioning, programming, or physical implant, but on the other hand, they are “outside” because they are doing so unwittingly every bit component of a conspiracy where they are a key element, but have got no command over their actions.

Hence, many of import conspiracy figures, such every bit Lee Harvey Oswald, Sirhan Sirhan, as well as Timothy McVeigh are presented inwards conspiracy theory inwards radically different ways, either every bit knowing participants within a larger conspiracy or every bit mind-controlled “patsies” who were used without their ain knowledge. Mind command is hence non easily understood every bit a conspiracy itself, because it does non have got a recognizable finish other than to ease the way for a larger conspiracy group.

As such, it is to a greater extent than a “sign” that a conspiracy is at piece of job inwards society, although inwards the works of Jim Keith, a seminal mind-control conspiracist, it has been imagined every bit the key shape of social command for groups such every bit the Nazis as well as the New World Order.

Anxieties as well as Concerns of Mind Control

The problematic nature of hear control, non to the lowest degree inwards the interrogation of whether it genuinely exists every bit a existent practise or every bit a meaningful psychological condition, despite the documented prove of the CIA’s MK-ULTRA program, leads to many issues that non only focus exactly about identity but also exactly about the body, reality, as well as knowledge. Mind-control conspiracies tin hold out understood inwards damage of half dozen key anxieties or cultural concerns:
  • The decease of the self
  • The decease of reality
  • The “soulless” body
  • The decease of the human
  • Technophobia
  • The terminate of “knowledge”
The decease of the self revolves exactly about the interrogation of whether mind-control subjects (should such people exist) deed according to their ain wishing or whether they are tools inwards someone else’s hands. The opposition tin hold out seen inwards damage of a split upwardly betwixt the witting self-willed private as well as the unconsciously driven puppet.

However, because conspiracy does non command the dependent area from outside, but from within his or her consciousness (either through hypnosis, brainwashing as well as behavioral modification, drugs, or implants), such an opposition becomes problematic. The conspiracy is both within as well as exterior the self at the same time, amongst the resultant that mind-control victims are never sure as shooting whether their thoughts as well as desires are their ain or someone else’s.

Such a province of affairs maps a cultural concern over the stability of the self that tin hold out aligned amongst modern as well as postmodern concerns over consciousness as well as the interrogation of how far identity is constructed within consciousness as well as how far it is a production of external reality systems such every bit the circulation of information as well as images inwards guild or the operations of cultural ideology.

Related to this is the concern over the “death of reality.” If reality cannot hold out observed objectively every bit an empirical fact as well as so guaranteed past times the sense-perceptions of the private (because it is unclear whether it is a production of cognitive experience or created past times a program, an implant, or a conditioning procedure generated past times hear control) so it becomes an unknowable as well as uncertain phenomenon.

Such a concern plays out twentieth-century anxieties over the nature of reality, but also revisits older philosophical debates betwixt empiricism as well as metaphysics most what exists as well as how nosotros come upwardly to know it (ontology as well as epistemology, respectively), but from a paranoid perspective.

Where empiricism tends to believe inwards a reality that is knowable only through observation (arguably a paranoid perspective inwards itself), metaphysics assumes that cognition of reality is pre-given (usually inwards shape of the soul) where observation merely confirms what is already intuitively known.

Mind-control conspiracies reenact such a belief inwards a secular form, within which the soul is replaced past times a stuff (and often industrial) agent such every bit a programme or an implant, that has a malign, rather than a benign, influence, non only because it displaces gratis will, but also because it displaces God.

When considering such a position, it is unsurprising that many contemporary mind-control conspiracy theorists, such every bit Texe Marrs or Ron Patton, have got a fundamentalist Christian outlook. The quondam sees hear command inwards the functioning of “Project L.U.C.I.D.” which he claims is a far-reaching conspiracy to command all individuals through invasive technologies, piece the latter concocts an occult as well as satanic conspiracy behind the mythical Nazi/CIA mind-control programme “Project Monarch.”

What both articulate inwards their conspiracies is a fearfulness of the soulless body, a dominant characteristic of many mind-control narratives, which come across the self-willed torso replaced past times ane that merely follows a program. Many recent conspiracy theories have got made connections amongst hear command inwards monastic enjoin to envisage a guild where people are merely bodies or pieces of meat.

Conspiracy theories that focus on alien experimentation on humans or the usage of implants past times governments stand upwardly for an anxiety that the human torso is exactly a matter or a functional unit of measurement (for example, inwards remote viewing conspiracies, where a someone merely becomes a duad of eyes designed to discover as well as transmit data).

Related to such concerns are notions of the decease of the human, something that is most obvious inwards those UFO narratives that focus on the probing of the human torso as well as its change for usage past times aliens. In such conspiracies, the human torso is altered so that it no longer operates past times human desires, feelings, or thoughts, but every bit an alien torso past times proxy (controlled past times an alien mind), performing “inhuman” activities past times unknowingly conspiring against the human species.

An extension of such concerns tin also hold out establish inwards mind-control narratives that have got their footing inwards governmental conspiracies, every bit for illustration inwards the stories Cathy O’Brien tells of her experiences every bit a CIA gender activity slave, during which George Bush, Sr., is said to have got transformed into a lizard alien inwards front end of her, an imaginative trope that is designed to demo the inhumanity of hear control. The evolution of telemetric implants as well as fictionalizations of cyborg engineering on celluloid have got also led to a concern amongst the decease of the human, but this fourth dimension at the hands of technology.

In both alien as well as technological mind-control conspiracies, at that topographic point is an anxiety that humans are becoming less than human as well as to a greater extent than similar Descartes’s “animal-machine,” which is governed past times its instinct (or program) rather than past times rationality as well as thought. There is also a related concern that the hear as well as torso have got move separated because the torso is merely a soulless slice of meat whose “mind” exists externally inwards the hear of its human, cybernetic, or alien controller.

Telemetric implant as well as cyborg mind-control narratives stand upwardly for such a procedure past times reference to the transformation of the human into the machine as well as articulate a pervasive technophobia or fearfulness of scientific discipline that tin hold out seen inwards many other mind-control conspiracies, whether this command occurs through hypnotism (with its connections to mesmerism), Pavlovian conditioning, electroshock therapy, the usage of laboratory-created LSD, or through the introduction of literal implants, such every bit the “stimoceiver” (see below), into the human body.

Finally, mind-control conspiracies tin hold out seen to articulate a really postmodern concern amongst the terminate of knowledge. The fact that mind-control victims do non know whether their thoughts are their ain or those of another, transmitted to them through conditioning, programming, or the telemetric transmission of signals, highlights a concern that information is no longer knowable every bit an objectively verifiable truth.

Knowledge has move untrustworthy, partly because the private is unable to legitimate cognition whatever to a greater extent than but primarily because the information received is either strategic (where the mind-control puppet only has a version of truth that volition enable him or her to send out the task, every bit amongst Sirhan Sirhan, according to Alex Constantine) or is composed of disinformation, designed to mislead the mind-control victim into believing that reality is other than it genuinely is.

The Origins of Mind-Control Conspiracies

Although the inwards a higher house ideas advise that hear command is paradigmatic of postmodern conspiracy theory (because of the radical unknowability it creates amongst regard to every aspect of contemporary culture), hear command has its origins inwards industrial modernity.

As amongst many conspiracy theories, the genealogy of hear command takes inwards both fiction as well as history, albeit an invented choice history where scientific experimentation is rewritten every bit a hole-and-corner cabalistic programme that involves human torture as well as social applied scientific discipline on a large scale.

In some respects, such a portrayal tin hold out said to hold out accurate when applied, for example, to the Victorian practise of lobotomizing woman someone inmates of mental institutions, which entailed an obvious as well as destructive shape of hear control. However, most conspiracy discourses on hear command inwards the menstruation of modernity are characterized past times a paranoid anxiety over scientific inquiry, notably inwards the writings of Jim Keith.

In several texts, Keith has traced a history of hear command that incorporates early on experiments amongst hypnotism, eugenics, Freudian as well as Jungian psychiatry, behavioral psychology, as well as John Dewey’s educational theories, that when imaginatively linked, past times Keith, to governmental tidings agencies through key figures such every bit Cecil Rhodes, H. G. Wells, as well as Aldous Huxley generates early on signs of what was to move the New World Order.

Such a history is typical of mind-control conspiracies as well as many of the same figures or ideas constantly recur. The eighteenth-century Austrian physician Friedrich Anton Mesmer, for example, is given a key role inwards early on mind-control narratives because “mesmerism,” which was genuinely the application of magnetism to animate beingness or human bodies, has move synonymous amongst hypnotism inwards pop as well as conspiracy consciousness every bit a resultant of the belief that the usage of magnetic induction creates involuntary bodily movements that advise command of the mind.

Other of import figures inwards the genealogy of hear command are Sigmund Freud as well as the behaviorists B. F. Skinner as well as I. P. Pavlov. The latter is key to mind-control conspiracies because his experiments to get dogs to salivate at the sounding of a bell (which indicated that nutrient was on its way) have got move a prototype for anxieties over the possibility of a similar conditioning beingness applied to human beings.

Although the origins of hear command tin hold out establish inwards a reinvented history of psychological as well as medical science, at that topographic point are also elements that are based exclusively on fiction. George du Maurier’s new of 1894, Trilby, amongst its representation of the figure of Svengali, introduces ane of the initiatory of all images of a puppet-master controlling his protegé, Trilby, past times agency of hypnotism as well as mesmeric induction.

The omnipotent master copy controlling a slave inwards this way has move ane of the dominant images of contemporary mind-control narratives as well as finds form, for example, inwards conspiracies surrounding Project Monarch as well as CIA sex slave stories.

Another fictional influence of mind-control conspiracies tin hold out establish inwards cinematic representations where the concern over the robotic or zombielike nature of mind-control victims indicates how far mind-control conspiracies are a production of scientific discipline fiction as well as horror film.

The unthinking robot, controlled past times its program, or the zombie of 1930s Hollywood cinema, who is given an monastic enjoin that it slavishly obeys, are dominant figurations of the mind-controlled puppet who similarly has no hear of his or her own. Specifically, Fritz Lang’s Metropolis (1926) has a important house inwards forming the discourses of hear control.

It has an omnipotent controller inwards the Svengali mould, inwards the figure of Rottwang, whose representation every bit a “mad scientist” has been applied inwards conspiracy theory to historical figures such every bit Sidney Gottlieb as well as Ewen Cameron of the MK-ULTRA programme as well as to John B. Watson, who attempted to apply Pavlov’s experiments to humans.

The most of import facet of hear command inwards the film, however, is Rottwang’s creation of a robot that tin hold out controlled as well as its subsequent usage every bit a replacement for the rebel heroine, Maria, a exchange of the human past times the machine that acts every bit a displaced figuration of the mind-controlled victim.

Influenza A virus subtype H5N1 farther aspect of the celluloid that is of banking company notation for hear command is the depiction of the worker-slaves, who are presented every bit no different from the robot Rottwang creates because they are already programmed to deed as well as piece of job inwards a regimented fashion.

These influences advise that mind-control conspiracy theories have got their rootage inwards anxieties over the evolution of industrialization as well as its concomitant technologization of guild inwards the menstruation of modernity. The 2 primary cultural forces that mind-control conspiracies response to are the rationalization of industrial production as well as social organization, as well as the evolution of a volume culture.

These are concerns that are articulated past times Metropolis, for example, as well as that are extended inwards the contemporary societies of advanced economies (and most particularly, inwards the United States) inwards the hyper-rationalization as well as bureaucratization of everyday life (by governments and, increasingly, corporations) as well as inwards the extension of volume production to volume consumption.

Fear of rationalization is non confined to mind-control conspiracies and, indeed, tin hold out seen to hold out a staple of whatever conspiracy theory’s fearfulness of a hidden scheme controlling everyday life, but ane characteristic that is specific to hear command is the identification of the Nazis every bit key players inwards the creation of postwar projects such every bit Project Monarch (as Patton claims) or the influential role their eugenic experiments as well as propaganda techniques have got plainly had on areas every bit various every bit MK-ULTRA’s claimed interest inwards social applied scientific discipline or on the evolution of subliminal advertising.

The Nazis, every bit proponents of a totalitarian shape of rationalized social command as well as every bit architects of a volume civilization based on propaganda, move the nightmare of modernity that generates much mind-control conspiracy theory. They are also ane of the reasons why eugenics is ofttimes mentioned inwards relation to hear control, although this is also component of a to a greater extent than full general distrust of scientific discipline that characterizes mind-control theories.

The location of the origins of hear command inwards modernity tin thus hold out seen inwards the fears of rationalization generated past times the creation of many national as well as global institutions inwards this period, every bit good every bit past times a fearfulness of the “mass” that accompanies processes of industrial production, especially every bit these are applied to guild inwards Nazi ideology.

Such concerns tin hold out identified inwards mind-control conspiracies’ anxieties over the volume programming of individuals inwards contemporary guild every bit component of a wider endeavor to command guild past times a conspiracy group.

Mind command thus represents non a conspiracy inwards itself but constitutes, for conspiracy theorists, a symptom of larger conspiratorial projects based on anxieties over social as well as cultural structures that developed at the start of the twentieth century as well as that have got been extended into contemporary culture.

The Mass Media as well as Subliminal Advertising

One of the initiatory of all mind-control conspiracy theories of the postwar menstruation is related to this full general sense of a hole-and-corner manipulation of consciousness every bit a sign of some unknown conspiracy at piece of job inwards society.

Fears over the volume media as well as its apparent brain-washing of the U.S. world were a pervasive anxiety inwards the 1950s when the evolution of television set inwards conjunction amongst a civilization of consumerism as well as visual advertising led to an unease over the application of volume as well as rationalized structures to the social scene.

Such anxieties had already been raised past times Theodor Adorno as well as Max Horkheimer inwards their Marxist analysis of media institutions such every bit the Hollywood studio scheme as well as national radio inwards the the States of the 1940s, which, piece predominantly a give-and-take of the operations of ideology inwards society, tin hold out seen every bit a paranoid response to volume civilization inwards their concerns amongst the way citizens’ active interest inwards social relations is replaced past times a to a greater extent than passive reception of social as well as cultural values as well as beliefs.

The concern over the influence of television set as well as the volume media that developed inwards the 1950s, every bit detailed past times Marling, follows such a structure, but stems from a liberal intellectual concern over the “dumbing down” of society.

Influenza A virus subtype H5N1 to a greater extent than especial illustration of mass-media hear command tin hold out establish inwards ane of the founding mind-control texts, Vance Packard’s The Hidden Persuaders, published inwards 1957. Here, Packard drew attending to the practices used past times the advertising manufacture to influence consumers inwards their selection of products, implying a shape of hear command inwards the process, but he also mentioned experiments amongst subliminal advertising.

During the 1950s an advertising executive, James Vicary, allegedly developed subliminal advertising when he flashed the words “Eat Popcorn” as well as “Drink Coke” onto a pic house hide over the course of written report of a six-week experiment.

He claimed that at that topographic point had been a large rising inwards sales of these products every bit a resultant of his campaign, claims that led to pop fears most subliminal advertising, their investigation past times the Federal Communications Commission, as well as their banning inwards U.K. as well as Australia.

Subliminal advertising has had a important comport upon on conspiracy theory’s distrust of official media institutions every bit a resultant of such claims, despite the fact that Vicary afterwards admitted that he had fabricated his findings.

As a consequence, fears most subliminal messages on television set have got continued to have got currency inwards a multifariousness of ways, every bit Dan Kelly notes, inwards his give-and-take of Wilson Bryan Key’s allegations that the volume media is corrupting guild past times inserting images of gender activity as well as decease into its televisual programming.

Similarly, Texe Marrs’s claims most the evolution of a cyber-conspiracy involving the tracking of individuals through their purchases aligns itself amongst a fearfulness of the practices of the volume media, inwards its corporate forms, as well as grows out of this early on subliminal-advertising conspiracy theory.

More specifically, the credence of subliminal transmissions has also led to the conspiracy belief that media institutions are an extension of governmental forces or a manifestation of larger conspiracies because of the implication of brainwashing that this alleged practise entails.

Such a belief is argued past times Alex Constantine, who claims that a hole-and-corner governmental projection called Operation Mockingbird was created inwards monastic enjoin to usage television set every bit a propaganda medium. He goes farther than this, however, as well as also alleges that at that topographic point was some other program, called Operation Octopus, begun inwards 1948, that was a surveillance projection designed to plough televisions into transmitters that would, inwards Big Brother fashion, send images or messages to as well as from people’s living rooms.

CIA Mind Control: MK-ULTRA, as well as Manchurian Candidates

At the same fourth dimension that subliminal advertising was allegedly brainwashing the consumers of the United States, an actual mind-control programme was inwards operation, run past times the CIA as well as military machine tidings nether a multifariousness of code names (Projects Chatter, Bluebird, as well as Artichoke) but which inwards 1953 developed into an umbrella projection called MK-ULTRA.

Documented prove of these mind-control experiments became to a greater extent than widely known next governmental investigations inwards the 1970s, which revealed that MK-ULTRA, nether the command of Sidney Gottlieb, had engaged inwards 149 projects as well as sub-projects betwixt 1953 as well as 1963 as well as had investigated a broad hit of areas including the usage of electroshock, sensory deprivation, hypnotism, radiation, as well as drugs such every bit LSD inwards monastic enjoin to effect behavioral modifications inwards the tested subjects.

Many of these experiments were carried out on CIA as well as other governmental employees, but at that topographic point were also LSD projects that involved tests on unwitting subjects either within the military machine (such every bit Frank Olsen, who committed suicide after a psychotic trauma, maybe every bit a resultant of having been given LSD without his knowledge), inwards hospitals or, inwards ane case, a prison house for people convicted of drugs offenses.

Although MK-ULTRA dealt amongst many areas of hear control, it is the evolution as well as testing of LSD that has attracted the most attending because, inwards the shape of Operation Midnight Climax, it was taken out of governmental institutions as well as applied to the full general American public. In this phase, members of Earth were tested inwards apartments inwards New York as well as San Francisco, piece their responses were filmed or recorded through two-way mirrors.

MK-ULTRA has likely had the most comport upon on mind-control conspiracy theory because it provides substantiated prove for authorities interest inwards attempts to command people’s behavior. What began every bit a response to military machine concerns that the Soviet Union as well as PRC had developed truth drugs as well as brainwashing techniques has become, inwards conspiracy theory, component of a large-scale endeavor past times the authorities or other groups, such every bit the New World Order, to exercise domination through social engineering.

For conspiracy theorists, the authorities declaration that MK-ULTRA was a response to Soviet brainwashing during the Korean War is a encompass to conceal the reality of the program: the usage of hear command against U.S. citizens.

Alex Constantine, for example, dates the start of Project Mockingbird, the government/media conspiracy to command people’s minds through propaganda, to 1963 inwards monastic enjoin to signal that the terminate of the internal MK-ULTRA experiments was only the start of their existent purpose, which was their external application to the people of the United States. MK-ULTRA has also spawned “Manchurian Candidate” conspiracies, which have got their rootage inwards John Marks’s The Search for the Manchurian Candidate.

Marks’s volume is predominantly an line organisation human relationship of the LSD experiments of MK-ULTRA, but includes many oft-quoted chapters toward the terminate on the piece of job of Dr. Ewen Cameron inwards Montreal as well as on CIA hypnosis programs that plainly dealt amongst the interrogation of whether it would hold out possible to programme a human beingness inwards the initiatory of all instance as well as so whether an private could hold out programmed to hold out a mind-controlled assassin. This hypothesis has gained much popularity inwards conspiracy theory, especially inwards relation to the assassinations or attempted assassinations of political figures or celebrities since the 1960s.

It has variously been claimed that Lee Harvey Oswald, Sirhan Sirhan, Mark Chapman, as well as John Hinckley were all inwards some way programmed to perform deeds that they would otherwise hold out incapable of every bit witting human beings, but which they could perform if they were hypnotized past times governmental or conspiracy groups (Oswald as well as Sirhan) or brainwashed past times a conspiracy-controlled media (Chapman as well as Hinckley).

The latter set has move increasingly evident recently, amongst claims that the Columbine killers, Eric Harris as well as Dylan Klebold, were indoctrinated to deed every bit “Manchurian Candidates” past times a media civilization that volition create to a greater extent than of the same, a conspiracy theory that, similar Constantine’s Operation Mockingbird, sees the successful extension of CIA hear command into a programme of social applied scientific discipline on a national scale.

Project Monarch as well as CIA Sex Slaves

Project Mockingbird is only ane of several mind-control programs that has been imagined every bit a resultant of revelations most MK-ULTRA. One of the most important of these other mind-control conspiracies is Project Monarch, which originates amongst Cathy O’Brien’s volume most her experiences every bit a CIA mind-controlled sex slave, Trance Formation of America.

O’Brien relates how she was programmed nether Project Monarch, past times usage of the creation of a multiple personality disorder, hypnosis, as well as the usage of visual as well as auditory stimuli (such every bit Disney films) every bit good every bit occult training, to generate an choice personality that is able to perform degrading acts at the volition of a controller.

Such a conspiracy theory highlights the notion of the decease of the human that inheres within mind-control conspiracies, inwards that O’Brien develops a personality that tin hold out triggered so that it volition perform “inhuman” acts that her existent human self could non contemplate. Similar stories have got been offered past times Candy Jones, who, similar O’Brien, makes much of the her sensational revelations most gender activity amongst political figures as well as amongst celebrities.

Although fifty-fifty many conspiracy theorists (such every bit Keith) are skeptical of the sensational aspects of O’Brien’s story, many of her “revelations” most hear command inwards Project Monarch have got entered conspiracy culture.

As a resultant of her book, belief inwards satanic as well as occult practices every bit good every bit allegations of child abuse often accompany contemporary stories most Project Monarch, associations that, similar the before linking of eugenics amongst hear control, are designed to demonstrate how unnatural as well as inhuman a procedure it is to divorce someone from his or her existent identity past times creating a substitute personality that tin hold out triggered at will.

It is the Project Monarch conspiracy theory that has done much to spawn the notion of the mind-controlled puppet, as well as its usage of programs as well as “trigger” devices has move widely accepted every bit existent processes inwards the practise of hear control. Project Monarch conspiracy theories also listing inwards especial the code-names as well as levels of mind-controlled subjects that the CIA has operating for it:
  • Alpha, which is full general programming
  • Beta, sex-slave programming
  • Gamma, programming to permit the dependent area to deceive as well as misdirect
  • Theta, psychic programming designed to create assassins
  • Omega, a self-destruct programming
Although these are alleged CIA designations, the types of programming they create have got also been applied beyond Project Monarch inwards areas such every bit cult brainwashing, although figures such every bit Keith as well as Patton both advise connections betwixt Project Monarch as well as religious cults; inwards the instance of the quondam past times tracing Jim Jones’s apparent links to the CIA, as well as inwards the instance of the latter past times a to a greater extent than full general association of cult as well as occult. In these forms, Project Monarch has move an all-purpose “umbrella” conspiracy that tin hold out applied to whatever grouping that is suspected of using mind-control techniques.

What such a sentiment also indicates is that, different other mind-control conspiracy theories, Project Monarch is no longer merely a functional way of getting people to do a conspiracy’s bidding or fifty-fifty a sign of a conspiracy at work, but has move a conspiracy inwards itself amongst its ain objectives, operations, as well as connections amongst other conspiracy groups, such every bit the Illuminati, Skull as well as Bones, or the New World Order.


 Jonestown is the elevate of the short town inward Republic of Guyana founded inward the  Jonestown

Jonestown is the elevate of the short town inward Republic of Guyana founded inward the 1970s yesteryear the Reverand Jim Jones together with populated yesteryear members of his religious commune, the People’s Temple. The elevate “Jonestown” has come upwards to refer to the 1978 termination where over 900 people died, including Jones himself.

While official accounts keep that the deaths were caused yesteryear a Jones-led volume suicide, conspiracy accounts fence that most of the dead were murdered. In conspiracy-theory circles, Jonestown is an lawsuit of a mind-control cult experiment (with links to the CIA) that went awry.

The official explanation of Jonestown is good known, having dominated intelligence accounts, mass-market paperbacks, documentaries, together with made-for-television movies. It states that on eighteen Nov 1978 Jim Jones, the charismatic together with fanatical guru who founded the People’s Temple together with established the religious commune Jonestown, persuaded his followers to potable cyanide-laced Kool-Aid.

 Jonestown is the elevate of the short town inward Republic of Guyana founded inward the  Jonestown Jonestown is the elevate of the short town inward Republic of Guyana founded inward the  Jonestown

Over 900 members did so, together with Jones himself died via a self-inflicted gunshot wound. Around the same moment, U.S. Congress fellow member Leo Ryan (on an official investigation mission) together with 3 reporters were gunned downward on the Port Kaituma airstrip every bit they tried to teach out Jonestown.

The assassins did non choke inward the “White Night” of volume suicide, only fled together with went into hiding. One of the gunners, Larry Layton, was afterwards tried together with convicted of the murders. The entire termination of Jonestown was attributed to the psychotic leadership of Jones, together with engendered full general suspicion of idealistic, alternative, together with experimental religious groups.

Mass Suicide or Mass Murder?

Conspiracy accounts challenge this official explanation on ii major counts: that most of the members died yesteryear murder rather than suicide, together with that Jim Jones, far from existence a lonely nut leader, was enmeshed inward the shadowy network of intelligence together with heed control.

Evidence for the old begins alongside the initial intelligence accounts, which listed the suicide cost at 400, together with claimed that 700 had fled into the jungle. Influenza A virus subtype H5N1 calendar week afterwards the accounts were revised to say that 913 people had consumed the poisoned concoction.

Not entirely did this teach out almost 200 people unaccounted for, it indicated a shift inward the number of suicides. U.S. armed forces together with diplomatic mission officials on the scene start explained the inconsistency yesteryear claiming that the Guyanese people could non count, that they had missed a pile of bodies (even after days of searching together with counting), together with that the discrepancy was due to bodies existence stacked on ane another. However, the start photographs from the scene (150 of them, both aerial together with close-up) showed no stacking.

In addition, skeptics detect it hard to believe that 408 bodies (82 of them children) could conceal over 500 others. Instead of this revised flush together with number counting, skeptics similar John Judge believe the initial reports that stated that the bulk of Jonestown members fled into the jungle.

But what happened to them then? C. Leslie Mootoo, the compass Guyanese pathologist, was the start to examine the bodies. He noted that the vast bulk of the dead did non exhibit symptoms of cyanide poisoning (which include muscular contortions, particularly inward the face).

At the Guyanese grand jury hearing, Mootoo testified that 80–90 pct of the victims had fresh needle marks inward their shoulder blades, that a number of others had been shot or strangled, together with that at to the lowest degree 700 had been murdered.

The grand jury, after hearing Mootoo’s testimony together with considering other evidence, concluded that entirely ii people had committed suicide. In addition, some photos showed gunshot wounds, patch others displayed drag marks leading to the bodies, indicating that the bodies were moved after death.

Initially, the U.S. Army spokesperson declared that no autopsies were needed, every bit the crusade of decease was non an issue. While the U.S.A. of America dispatched large armed forces aircraft for the retrieval of bodies to the United States, they performed the chore slowly. The bodies were left to decompose inward the oestrus for almost a week, making autopsies impossible.

Relatives together with the National Association of Medical Examiners complained that the remains were ineptly handled, oftentimes illegally embalmed or cremated, together with nearly impossible to identify. These badly botched procedures signaled a cover-up for skeptics (since forensic reconstruction of the White Night could non endure done), farther indicating a volume slaughter.

But who performed the killing? Influenza A virus subtype H5N1 number of theories emerge here. One version is that Jones’s elite armed guards (about 20 men) hunted the fleeing members. These guards were an all-white grouping who had special privileges during the Jonestown remain (90 pct of the dead were women together with eighty pct were black).

Some of these armed guards were responsible for gunning downward Congressperson Leo Ryan together with the reporters on the airstrip. Witnesses together with survivors depict the killers every bit glassy-eyed “zombies” together with their killing every bit mechanical together with methodical. Most of these armed guards escaped together with are soundless unaccounted for.

Other theories implicate U.S. Green Berets who were inward Republic of Guyana at the time, every bit good every bit British Black Watch troops also preparation inward the region. Guyanese troops together with law (some of whom were on the scene of the Ryan killings only did rattling lilliputian to defend them) accept also been implicated.

Jim Jones’s fate has also come upwards nether suspicion. While the official flush maintains that he committed suicide, conspiracy theories dot to the fact that the gun allegedly used was found some 200 feet away from the body. Photos of Jones’s torso produce non demo his identifying tattoos. The FBI examined Jones’s fingerprints twice (highly odd for what is supposed to endure an exact science), patch his dental records were never checked.

Putting all of these pieces together, the conspiracy theory argues that what happened on eighteen Nov 1978 was a volume murder, set into activeness because of Congress fellow member Ryan’s investigative findings that uncovered the truthful nature of the People’s Temple.

Messianic Cult, Government Mind-Control Experiment, or Both?

Beyond the events of that day, however, conspiracy theorists also position Jonestown inward a larger context, implicating the rattling nature of the religious commune into the shadowy footing of intelligence. In a tape recording made during the White Night, Jim Jones is heard yelling, “Get Dwyer out of here!” He was referring to Richard Dwyer, who was working every bit deputy master copy of mission for the U.S. Embassy inward Guyana.

Dwyer was listed inward the publication Who’s Who inward the CIA, together with was allegedly an agent since 1959. He was found at the airstrip where Ryan together with the others were killed, stripping the dead of their belongings. Other diplomatic mission members, some of them unopen to Jones, were also involved inward intelligence work.

Jones’s childhood friend Dan Mitrione joined the CIA-financed International Police Academy. Mitrione was a law advisor inward Brazil during Jones’s ministering at that spot inward the early on 1960s, where neighbors found Jones’s wealthy lifestyle to endure suspicious (he claimed he was getting paid yesteryear the U.S. government).

Jones’s early on operate inward founding the People’s Temple inward 1965 inward Ukiah, California, his moving of the church building to San Francisco (where supporters Mayor Miscone together with Harvey Milk were afterwards mysteriously killed), together with his eventual relocation to Republic of Guyana were all implicated inward mysterious deaths, large fiscal dealings, together with illegal activities. Most of Jones’s wealth (estimated at betwixt $26 1000000 together with $2 billion) disappeared after the volume death.

According to survivors together with ex-members, Jonestown was anything only the socialist utopia or religious commune its self-promotional literature claimed. These survivors described the scheme every bit a cult, consummate alongside routine harassment, forced labor, together with torture (including repeated “White Night” drills).

After the collective death, investigators discovered a massive cache of drugs, alongside large quantities of thorazine, sodium pentathol, together with numerous other tranquilizers together with psychotropic drugs used inward the CIA’s MK-ULTRA behavioral change experiments.

Influenza A virus subtype H5N1 number of survivors ended upwards alongside mysterious fates fifty-fifty after they avoided the gruesome “White Night.” Former Jones aide Michael Prokes held a press conference where he defendant the U.S. authorities of hiding an audiotape of the massacre.

After coming together the press, Prokes went to the bath together with allegedly killed himself. Jeannie together with Al Mills, who planned on writing an exposé of Jones, were found murdered inward their home. Yet some other old fellow member was involved inward the 1984 volume murder of Los Angeles schoolhouse children.

In 1980 the U.S. House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence found no prove of CIA activity inward Jonestown. Influenza A virus subtype H5N1 twelvemonth before, based on many of the discrepancies, sinister links, together with prove around Jonestown, old Ryan aide Joseph Holsinger came to the decision that sums upwards the Jonestown conspiracy theory.

He argued that Jonestown was a volume mind-control experiment alongside CIA involvement, inward which MK-ULTRA techniques (officially halted inward 1973) were transferred from institutions to religious groups. Holsinger also argued that Ryan’s congressional investigation found incriminating prove of this experiment, together with that Ryan together with the 900 members of the People’s Temple were murdered to foreclose exposure.

Attempted Assassination Of Ronald Reagan

Attempted Assassination of Ronald Reagan Attempted Assassination of Ronald Reagan
Attempted Assassination of Ronald Reagan

On thirty March 1981, John Hinckley, Jr., shot in addition to nearly killed President Ronald Reagan exterior a hotel inwards Washington, D.C. Hinckley was fascinated amongst the moving-picture present Taxi Driver, in addition to imagined himself every bit Robert DeNiro’s character, Travis Bickle.

Just every bit Travis Bickle stalked a presidential candidate, Hinckley stalked a number of politicians. Hinckley became fixated on Jodie Foster, who played a prostitute inwards the movie, in addition to hoped to bear witness his beloved for her yesteryear killing the president.

Conspiracy theorists greenback the links betwixt the Hinckley identify unit of measurement in addition to the Bush family, in addition to betwixt the Bush identify unit of measurement in addition to the CIA, in addition to advise that Hinckley was a chemically programmed assassinator (like Sirhan Sirhan, the assassinator of Robert Kennedy) designed to withdraw Reagan in addition to convey Bush to power.

Attempted Assassination of Ronald Reagan Attempted Assassination of Ronald ReaganAttempted Assassination of Ronald Reagan Attempted Assassination of Ronald Reagan

John Hinckley enjoyed a life of affluence in addition to privilege growing upward every bit the boy of a oil engineer inwards Oklahoma in addition to Texas. Hinckley’s elderberry blood brother in addition to sis were pop in addition to successful, but John became increasingly withdrawn in addition to isolated inwards high school.

After graduating inwards 1973, he drifted for vii years, likewise lazy, immature, in addition to irresponsible to concur a project or obtain a college degree. He depended on his parents for money, in addition to several times returned to alive amongst them.

He became fascinated amongst assassins, extremist groups, in addition to death, in addition to purchased a number of firearms. He was also obsessed amongst the moving-picture present Taxi Driver, in addition to later his efforts to make whatever form of personal human relationship amongst Jodie Foster proved futile, he began to retrieve of assassinating politicians to larn her attention.

In 1980, he stalked President Jimmy Carter in addition to Senator Edward Kennedy. When his begetter threw him out of the identify unit of measurement domicile inwards March 1981, Hinckley took the motorbus to Washington to stem President Reagan.

Hinckley loitered exterior the Washington Hilton, in addition to when Reagan emerged, Hinckley fired vi shots from a distance of 10 feet amongst a .22-caliber pistol loaded amongst “Devastator” exploding bullets. Shots hitting the White House press secretary, a policeman, in addition to a Secret Service agent, in addition to ane shot ricocheted off the limousine in addition to struck the president nether the arm.

The bullet lodged inwards Reagan’s lung, a curt distance from the heart, but the president eventually recuperated. Hinckley was arrested, but his begetter hired powerful attorneys in addition to psychiatrists to defend him. Acquitted on grounds of insanity, Hinckley remains institutionalized today.

Conspiracy theories surrounding the assassination assay focus firstly on the connections betwixt the Hinckley identify unit of measurement in addition to the Bush family. Vice-President Bush in addition to Jack Hinckley (John’s father) were both Texas oilmen, in addition to naturally knew each other.

Jack Hinckley had contributed heavily to Bush’s 1980 presidential campaign, in addition to the twenty-four hours of the assassination John’s older blood brother was scheduled to run across Neil Bush, the vice-president’s son. Bush patently would accept benefited from the decease of Reagan, non to the lowest degree because Bush was the leader of the northeastern “liberal” faction in addition to Reagan was the leader of the western “hawkish” faction.

The northeastern faction—which conspiracy theorists unremarkably associate amongst Kissinger in addition to the Rockefellers—favored détente amongst the Soviet Union, in addition to inwards 1981 was locked inwards a bitter policy struggle amongst the westerners, who favored confrontation amongst the Soviets.

Reagan’s decease would straight off accept brought the détente faction to power, but his survival meant that U.S.-Soviet confrontation continued until the westerners were fatally compromised inwards the Iran-Contra scandal (which conspiracy theorists regard every bit a “silent coup”).

Conspiracy theorists greenback that Bush was long associated amongst the CIA. Bush was manager inwards the slow 1970s, but some theorists fighting that he served CIA interests every bit far dorsum every bit the 1961 Bay of Pigs invasion. In this view, Bush could accept employed his CIA contacts to plough John Hinckley into a chemically programmed assassin, similar Frank Sinatra’s grapheme inwards The Manchurian Candidate.

Some conspiracy theorists greenback that the CIA has experimented amongst take heed command inwards the yesteryear (Project MK-ULTRA), in addition to believe that the CIA has manipulated many notable “nuts”—including Lee Harvey Oswald, Sirhan Sirhan, James Earl Ray, David Berkowitz, Charles Manson, in addition to the 2002 Beltway Snipers—into committing murder.

These theorists greenback that earlier the assassination attempt, Hinckley’s begetter hired psychiatrists to process John. They believe that these psychiatrists gave John psychoactive drugs in addition to hypnotically programmed him to kill.

Some conspiracy theorists debate that Hinckley was a patsy—he was at the scene of the crime, in addition to fired a gun, but did non shoot the president. They turn down Hinckley’s testimony on his actions that day, since Hinckley was mentally disturbed in addition to nether the influence of valium.

They analyze the videotapes of the number amongst the same painstaking attending to exceptional applied to the Zapruder film, in addition to insist that Reagan was already within the limousine when Hinckley fired the shot that supposedly hitting him.

They greenback the confusion at the infirmary regarding just what type of bullet struck the president, in addition to debate that a minute gunman would explicate this confusion in addition to the discrepancies inwards the authorities version of events. Interestingly, but later the assassination attempt, NBC correspondent Judy Woodruff reported that someone fired a shot from the hotel to a higher identify the presidential limousine.

Other theorists fighting that the Secret Service was business office of the plot—they deliberately “gave Hinckley a chance” exterior the hotel, or shot the president themselves. These theories are analogous to the theories that the Secret Service purposely botched their protection of John F. Kennedy in addition to may fifty-fifty accept shot him themselves.

There tin last no dubiety that conspiracy theories would flourish fifty-fifty to a greater extent than richly approximately this assassination assay if Reagan had died. This assassination assay has parallels inwards other assassinations— the solitary nut, sloppy security, the query of “who benefits?”—but the theories inwards the Reagan illustration accept non been every bit fully fleshed out every bit inwards the cases of successful assassinations.

Influenza A virus subtype H5N1 successful assassination of President Reagan would doubtless also heighten conspiracy questions most Soviet involvement, since Reagan was relentlessly anti-Soviet, in addition to at the fourth dimension of the attempt, the Soviets were on the verge of invading Poland.